Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Couple of random makings

I LOVE the fact that my parents live close (ish) and have a big property with an awesome orchard and huge vege patch .. plus they have an area the size of our whole garden dedicated to RHUBARB!
We are SUPER lucky to have had my Mum come and babysit the kids last Friday and she bought with her .. RHUBARB.  Time to make some Rhubarb and Apple Crumble .. YUM!
I use the Alison Holst Recipe for the topping (msg if you want the recipe - it's super easy)
Here it is - just put in the oven mmm mmmm

 And here is my other making (in the process of being made anyway).
Another quilt (similar to the one in this post) for another friend's baby.

And no, I haven't finished the last one yet!  I tried, honest, but I ran out of bobbin yesterday and Mum has the cotton I'm using!

What goodies have YOU been making lately?

Sima J


  1. Crumbles are my go-to recipe for an easy dessert.

  2. LOVE rhubarb!!! yum. we had two crumbles on the of course!
    love the colours of your quilt!!

  3. Love crumbles but am allergic to rhubarb! Loving that quilt too - you rock!


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