Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What do YOU do for fun??

I have to confess .. I'm a gamer. Not the type that plays computer games

(though they are fun and I do play them sometimes).


I mean the type that plays REAL games, like old-school monopoly, play with real people type games.


Except cooler. Yes, cooler and games DO go together - I'm telling ya!! I probably never used to play - I was too busy going out to the movies, having coffees, going out to dinner. Then I met Jess. Ahh good friend Jess :-) She was my flatmate for a while and she introduced me to ‘Settlers of Catan’.


She got me hooked on games. And now we have *ahem* 11 games collected up! Luckily, we have geeky gamey friends to play these games with (you know who you are)!! It is actually so fun I’m telling you!! AND you usually eat lots of yummy food while playing ..

(popcorn, chocolate )

..AND drinking yummy drink..


..And actually SOCIALISING – because it’s GOOD to socialise!! And I even win sometimes (especially when I’m not playing with my husband who is pretty good when it comes to strategy.)


Anyway, just thought I’d put that geeky trait of mine out there. We just bought an extension for ‘Shadows over Camelot’. We’re pretty excited. What are you doing this weekend?

Guess what we’re doing. Tehe

(shadows, extension)

Sima J

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A 'Things I Love Today' post

Ok so I have to say I do love everyone's 'ten things I love' etc. posts! So here is one of my own. My camera is currently getting fixed which makes it a bit harder to post stuff seen as I have no new pics! Anywho here are some of the things I'm loving today ...

The lovely Jess' print of Matapouri - I LOVE this beach, it was where we were supposed to get married (except the rain and wind made an appearance :-( DOH!)

you can have your own lovely print from here: jsp - Matapouri Sunset

I'm loving this print also from the same selling site (Felt)

available at: screen-print-in-red

When I was at school my friend, Emma-Jayne and I named a colour 'lucky pink' and I still love that colour!! These cute cards are just the right lucky pink :-)

I am LOOOVVVIINNGG this: Our fireplace!! It makes the house so cozy on the cold winter nights (though it's pretty warm today!)

I love these, I got them a while ago and have only had a chance to wear them once or twice, but bring on the couple of weddings I get to go to next year and HELLO red shoes -
Good ol' number 1 shoe warehouse :-)

Last on my list today are these flowers:

These are actually from last year (or possibly the year before that) but these lil beauties are what pay the bills round here! So you can understand why they are now my favourite flower - thank you orchids. Of course, they don't grow themselves so thank you CARL my wonder husband for growing them!! (even on a Sunday - he's out packing them up now!)

I also am loving one-day-sale, but that's a whole post in itself tehe :-)
Have a fab Sunday peeps!!

Sima J xo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The First Post

Ok, so I have finally decided to do a blog.
Gosh, there are heaps of options on here to make it look nice and I have run out of time setting this up how I want it so here is my first post on my semi-ugly page. I hope to make it look a lot nicer when I get more time to!!
O.K. so I have been thinking about posting for a l-o-n-g time now and have hesitated due to the whole 'everyone is seeing everything' but have decided that I WILL do it - but just have some boundaries in place so I don't 'over share' :-) Also, after being super-inspired from all the lovely blogs in blog-land I've decided that pictureless posts are BORING unless you know the person well so here's my first pic:
Sorry about the rubbish quality pic but this is me and my crew about 6 months ago (and about our only full-family shot!). Just so you know who I'm blabbing about in future - Carl, Me, Kohen (in front) and Jared. I'm gonna try not talk too much about the family seen as there's the whole privacy issues thing, but here we are anyway.
More words/pics to come in future and hopefully a much nicer looking blog also! See ya round!

Sima J