Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yukky Tomatoes

So I made my easy Chicken Curry last night (recipe here) and was in the process of dishing it up when I came across some disgusting bits of rotten tomato in it!! EWWWW!!!!! Here is what they looked like:

How disgusting is that?!
Of course I took photos - I'm a blogger after all!  But I also sent them to the manufacturer to complain.  Here's hoping I get some free vouchers to say sorry ;-)
Would YOU complain?  I think that the way I think about it is that if it were MY company, I'd want to know what the customer wants so I can provide it.  And this customer sure doesn't want rotten tomatoes!

Sima J


  1. HOME BRAND!!!??? theres your problem right there! ;)

  2. rank.
    yes we have complained at times (and got free vouchers woohoo) once when we were freshly married and making a roast chicken for one of the first times there was a feather still in the middle of it. Pretty gross. Tegal sent us about $20 worth of vouchers :) another time I had faulty nappies and they got replaced. pays to say

  3. eeewwww. I would let them know too. You should definately be receiving some vouchers!

  4. Grose! I would let them know - I'd want people to go straight to me if they found a problem with my product!


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