Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2x recipes - one edible, one not..

Ok so here's 2 recipes for you today.

I'll do the inedible one first .. washing liquid.

It definitely makes for cheaper washing of clothes!  Plus it's really easy to make!
Here's how you make and use it:

Boil 3litres of water in a stock pot (able to hold 7litres)
Once it's come to the boil take it off the heat and add:
1/3 cup Lux Flakes
1/3 cup Soda Crystals (you can get these from Bin Inn if you're in NZ)
Couple scoops regular washing powder
Capful of Eucalyptus Oil (this can be really expensive at health shops OR you can find it super cheap in the candle/aromatherapy section at the Warehouse!  I'm not sure where else you would get it from ..)

Mix until it's dissolved and then fill the pot up to 6 1/2 litres with cold water.
Then you just need to whisk it every now and then when you walk past.
After it's cooled down it will turn viscose and then you just need to pour it into containers.  I use 2x 3litre containers and a couple 1 litre ones.

Now it's not THE BEST cleaner in the world - but still worth making as it WILL save you $!  I use it in every wash, but find it needs a bit of a boost for those dirty/stinky clothes e.g. kids muddy trousers etc.  
I use 2 scoops (about 2/3 cup) on cleanish clothes, and the same on dirty clothes except I'll add half or quarter of the recommended amount of regular washing powder to give it a boost. 

Ok so onto the EDIBLE recipe which is DELICIOUS!!

Unfortunately I don't actually have any photos of it.  I'm pretty sure I've taken a photo once before and it's maybe somewhere in my posts but I obviously didn't tag it clearly because it is not easy to find .. SO I shall write it here anyway!  Seriously, this is THE best brownie recipe I have come across because it is not only delicious every time, it is REALLY quick to make!  
(Lets just say it should look something like this) (pic taken from here)


Mix together:
-100g melted butter
- 2 eggs
- 1cup sugar (any will do - I like to use raw)
- 1tsp vanilla essence

Sieve on top:
- 2Tbl cocoa
- 1cup flour
- 1tsp Baking Powder

Fold the wet and dry together and add 1cup choc chips (roughly, you can add more .. I often do hehe!).  You can also use choc buttons or whatever chocolate you have on hand really!

Cook for 5min on HIGH in microwave elevated.  (NOTE: Easy way to elevate your dish is to put an upside-down cereal bowl in the microwave first and sit the dish on that.)  Check it after 5 min and see if the middle looks cooked.  If it's still sticky in the middle, cook it for an additional minute at a time, checking after every minute until it's cooked.  It shouldn't need longer than 7min.

Decorate how you like, or just eat - warm or cold!  

Happy making!

Sima J


  1. Yusssss!!!! The famous super-quick microwave choc brownies!!!

  2. This looks yummy….you have a lovely blog… You have so many wonderful browni recipe.I have bookmarked you blog and some recipe from that to try.


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