Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fresh fish three ways

The weekend just gone my other half went on a fish mission with our neighbour and came home with 3 delicious snapper .. one a 10pound beauty!
HELLO fresh fish!  
For those of you not in NZ this is what a snapper looks like:

They are TASTY .. and at the moment around $38 per kg!  So we had a good $100 worth of the freshest fish + a good recreation time for hubster!  Woop woop!
We had fish for lunch Sat, dinner Sat AND dinner Sunday YUM YUM!  
ON TOP of this excellence, my other half is also a GREAT cook (he did think about being a chef at one stage, and could totally be one if he wanted!).  

I never used to love fish much.  Mum, bless her heart, used to cook it and it kinda ruined the experience seeing as I would often find a bone, and that would be the enjoyment OVER.  Every subsequent mouthful being a cringe waiting for the next bone to appear!
I have now learnt that with good filleting and good cooking fresh fish can taste AMAAZING!
Here is a look at fish 3 ways:

LUNCH:  Pan fried in butter with herbs and spices

DINNER SATURDAY:  Pan fried in butter with a light crust of flour and smoked paprika with chips

 DINNER SUNDAY:  Oven roasted with tomatoes, capsicums, onion and flavourings on couscous

OH MY DELICIOUS.  I am honestly not sick of the fish and could happily eat it AGAIN today - alas, we have run out.  
Time to go fishing again! :-)

Sima J


  1. Somebody needs to drag my husband out because it has been a long time since we had fresh fish!

  2. YUM! I love fish. We have a seafood shop about 5 minutes walk away, which is so delish - even the price isnt toooo bad (although not quite as good as free!)


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