Friday, December 17, 2010

Trip down south and some at-home-ness

Well hey there peeps! I've been away for a while because I got to go away down south (Christchurch - Maruia Springs - Nelson and around Nelson area - Canterbury) with the hubster for a whole week! yipee!
We went originally for Carl's old flat mate's wedding and made it worthwhile by also making it our anniversary holiday and also visited his brother - two of his kids we hadn't met yet so that was cool!

If you want to see all the pics check out this link.
There are like 104 so yeh I'm not gonna upload them all here obviously!!
I thought I had lost them actually when I compressed the only copy of them for uploading too small!! Lucky for me the camera guy in town retrieved most of them off the camera *phew*!! I good reminder to BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!!

So now Christmas looms.
(I made these little treats for my neighbours seeing as I seem to be super organised this year!)

We are celebrating Christmas tomorrow with my family seeing as they aren't going to be around on the actual day. Also today has been hubster's birthday so I've been cooking my heart out!
(here's a pic of Carl with his present of 4kg of jet plane lollies!)

I tried to make a pavlova for Christmas day. FLOP. Big time. Totally burnt on the bottom! Needless to say I will be visiting the supermarket!

(I did manage to cook some yummy pork ribs/wedges/fresh beans for his birthday dinner! And a yummy Coffee Cake!)
Anyway that's what I've been up to - all refreshed from holiday and ready to take on the last little bit of 2010 :-)
I hope you're all ready for it too! xo

Sima J

Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis the Season ..

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner! Today I wrapped all the presents (bar one that I'm still waiting to be delivered) and put up our Christmas tree.

Okay, so the tree is pretty darn small but I actually really like it! It was only about $8 from memory but the perfect size to HAVE a Christmas tree and not have it dominate the house! It was actually originally bought for my old flat (about 4 or 5 years ago) - and still going strong :-)
Secondly I wrapped up all these goodies to go on the presents as little extras (I know - I AM organised this year - what's that about!?!)

This is what it looks like in the magazine I got the recipe out of:

It tastes GREAT (hey, I had to check and make sure before I gifted it right?!).
Even better - it is SUPER EASY to make!!
Here's how:

180g pink/white marshmallows, halved
70g Pistachio nuts (if you can buy pre-shelled it will save you a heap of time!)
100g dried Cranberries
50g thread Coconut (you can get this at Bin Inn)
375g packet white choc melts

1) line (or butter) a tin/dish about 20cm square
2) put all ingredients together except the choc
3) melt choc and pour over other ingredients
4) put in fridge (you may want to cut it before it sets too hard - Carl cut a finger trying to cut this stuff oops!!)

I wrapped mine in glad wrap and then in a clear cellophane and tied with ribbon. I'm leaving them in the fridge until the day because it's been so hot they may melt!

Have fun making easy sweets (p.s. you may want to double this, even though it's rich it's very more-ish)

Sima J

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A new colour and some treaties..

I may have mentioned that I love internet shopping in a previous blog (here).
Well there are even more sites that I have found since then that I check regularly now, two of which are dailydo and grabone. Sorry peeps who are overseas, these are for NZ (although maybe you could browse for a gift for someone in NZ??)
They have all sorts of deals for things ranging from half price dinners to cheap fishing trips to great coffee deals!
It was on such a site that I found a great deal for a haircut/colour/conditioning treatment for only $44! Since I figured I needed a cut anyway and would usually pay more I bought the deal and yesterday I got it done. This is the result:

View from the top:
I do like the colour a lot, although my fringe is cut not so much to my taste, but at least it grows out fast and I can go back to my old faithful hairdresser next time to get it fixed up!

On another note - I made this delicious treat for us the other day - It is layered with: Lime Icecream, Banana and grated choc and then repeated. Yummo.

So what are you waiting for .. go and make one for yourself!

Sima J