Friday, June 3, 2011

What I'm Loving .. birthday!

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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.

I am totally loving that I managed to make J's 8th birthday cake without a disaster happening!  
NO burning the cake!

NO mucking up the icing!

NO dropping it on the floor (I had images of all the funniest home videos of people dropping cakes as I transferred it to a safe place after icing it!!)

This is the scene pre-icing .. laptop with picture at the ready...

The cake pre-icing..

And the cake post-icing ..

It's pretty alright.  I can't say I was ecstatic about it but J liked it and that's the main thing.  The problem with copying someone else's super awesome cake, yours never looks quite as good.  Ahh well, it was a good effort :-)

What are you loving?

Sima J


  1. looks awesome Simone!! I huge cake to undertake!

  2. I think it looks rad! Great job!

  3. Definitely worst case scenario dropping cake

  4. Good on you! Great job, and as long as the birthday kid is happy then its all good. Well done on getting the black icing sorted!

  5. Wow - good job! I've not attempted a 'shape' cake yet - not brave enough - though perhaps by the time my eldest is 8 I might be well practiced enough with round ones to try!!!

  6. Fab job - so cool that the black icing came out great too. Seems like we are all baking cakes this weekend!!

  7. Great job, If I was a kid I would be beaming from ear to ear, if that was my bday cake.
    Now I stick to plain round cakes, because of all the disasters in the past :)

  8. This is just wonderful! These are the very fabric of family birthday history is made of. Just go and check my rainbow cake out ( i got layer size wrong and almost need council permit for the height! So you can imagine what the icing looked like!)

  9. WOW Miss Prudence .. that IS a super giant cake (once I found it hehe) amaaazing!!

  10. Hey clever girl!
    Great effort with the cake!!!
    AND YAY you didn't DROP IT!!!


    PS Your cheesy garlic bread looks AMAZING...


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