Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fresh fish three ways

The weekend just gone my other half went on a fish mission with our neighbour and came home with 3 delicious snapper .. one a 10pound beauty!
HELLO fresh fish!  
For those of you not in NZ this is what a snapper looks like:

They are TASTY .. and at the moment around $38 per kg!  So we had a good $100 worth of the freshest fish + a good recreation time for hubster!  Woop woop!
We had fish for lunch Sat, dinner Sat AND dinner Sunday YUM YUM!  
ON TOP of this excellence, my other half is also a GREAT cook (he did think about being a chef at one stage, and could totally be one if he wanted!).  

I never used to love fish much.  Mum, bless her heart, used to cook it and it kinda ruined the experience seeing as I would often find a bone, and that would be the enjoyment OVER.  Every subsequent mouthful being a cringe waiting for the next bone to appear!
I have now learnt that with good filleting and good cooking fresh fish can taste AMAAZING!
Here is a look at fish 3 ways:

LUNCH:  Pan fried in butter with herbs and spices

DINNER SATURDAY:  Pan fried in butter with a light crust of flour and smoked paprika with chips

 DINNER SUNDAY:  Oven roasted with tomatoes, capsicums, onion and flavourings on couscous

OH MY DELICIOUS.  I am honestly not sick of the fish and could happily eat it AGAIN today - alas, we have run out.  
Time to go fishing again! :-)

Sima J

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mandarin Season

Here in lil ol' NZ it's autumn and time for .. MANDARINS!
K (2yr) has just mastered the art of peeling said fruit.
That is all good - and started off well with him peeling and eating them by himself.
Unfortunately he has decided that peeling them is FAR more fun than actually EATING them.
This results in me finding the following mess and 'pre-peeled' mandarins in the fruit bowl!

Do YOU love mandarins?!

Sima J

Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I'm Loving ..

Things I'm loving Friday..
Linking up with PaisleyJade

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

Making a double layer Chocolate Cake .. just because I wanted to eat it!

The look on this sweet face when she realises those boobies do NOT contain lunch hahaha (more on this gorgeous girl here)

 The beautiful moon in the morning

ORANGE = Autumn fruit .. this pic especially for the lovely Trace.  If you LOVE ORANGE go check her out here.

These delicious savoury muffins.  Made with WAAYY too much butter .. next time I'm going to cut some of that butter out of that recipe!

And last but DEFINITELY not least .. 
(Quick - take a photo before they fill up again!)

What are you loving today?
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Sima J

Thursday, May 26, 2011

creepy crawly

If you're anything like me you hate creepy crawlies!
UGH yuck!  I was cleaning up the kids toys the other day and guess what I found on the ground amongst them ...
Mr. Centipede .. I am glad you were dead when I found you!
My neighbour found one in her washing and I'm pretty sure this one fell out of my washing when I was folding it too.
(her one was alive though)
We also had a bit of a wasp infestation the last month - but luckily this colder weather seems to have finally chased them away *phew*.  We had to keep windows and doors shut for a while there, and couldn't put the compost out until dusk because they were swarming all around the bin!
Do YOU like creepy crawlies?  I most certainly do NOT!

Sima J

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playroom Joys

So a month or two ago we moved the boys into the same room into bunks for a couple reasons.  One being that J's room was smelling pretty damp and mouldy no matter how many times I cleaned the mould off the cupboard wall .. eww.
SO bad for health reasons!
Also, we thought we may as well get them used to sharing a room now before the next new arrival comes in November!  Yes, yay, I am pregs again (for the last time hopefully!)
Hopefully it's a girl so I can dress her up all pretty, but I'm all good with a boy too seeing as I'm not much of a girly girl anyway!
Sooo .. what became of J's old room?  A playroom!  (an unhealthy mouldy one but hey - it doesn't actually get played in that much!)
That way they can leave all their mess of Lego or cars or trains or whatever they've been playing with out and I don't have to see it haha :-)
This is what it looked like the other day I went down ..

 I couldn't help it - I had to clean it up - it looked horrendous!  So I cleaned it up (with help from the boys) and this is it afterwards...

And that my friends is the playroom.  It is SOooooo nice to have some mornings when the kids wake up on the wrong side of bed and I can just send them downstairs to play and shut the door on the noise while I sip my coffee (that's how I'm writing this post!)
Or in the afternoon when I'm trying to make dinner and it's rainy and the kids are going nuts.  Heaven I say!  
They've learnt pretty quick that Mum doesn't hear their screams if they're arguing over a toy and they need to sort it out themselves! (Technically speaking, I CAN hear them, and I can tell if it's a 'hurt' cry or a 'I want that toy' cry as I'm sure you seasoned mothers understand!)
Bottom line .. I'm not so much looking forward to loosing that playroom!  
(I'm hoping the mould problem is fixed by the landlord before anyone has to use it as a bedroom again!)

Sima J

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leaving a Comment..

Does anyone else get sick of writing those stupid made-up words when you want to comment on other people's blogs?!  
Well I sure do !  I have to say though, some of those words crack me up!  Here are a few that I've snickered at in the past with some of my made-up meanings ..

bangous - a country where there is lots of noise
bedness - when you are really tired and all you want to do it go to bed
cratifi - crafting in the form of graffiti
entsking - the king of the ents
lessect - an inferior insect
nosive - an explosive sneeze that gets caught in your nose
obled - a way to walk "he olbled away in pain"
pricton - any horrid person who lives in Picton
ressy - any area that is repeatedly messy
runall - a funnel you drink from as you run
shemo - cousin to the famous killer whale Shamu
supech - awesome "that was supech"
suremete - a sailor saying it's fine "suremete" (sure matey)
teness - a game involving a bat, net and ball x10
umbund - to undo - "umbund him now you swines"

yonintin - you think of a meaning for this word and write it in my comments!  

Hopefully you will ENJOY the weird words and think up funny meanings now instead of getting annoyed at them!
P.S. for those on blogger I found out how to stop other people having to write them when they comment on your post!
On your dashboard click "settings", then "comments", then click 'no' on "show word verification for comments?"

Have a good one!
Sima J