Friday, December 27, 2013

Beer Crate Creation #3

Not much posting on my behalf due to being on HOLIDAY!! 
Hope you all have had a great Christmas this year!
Anyway just a quick post to show you my latest Beer Crate creation.
(see my other creations here and here)
Pretty stoked to find this one on the neighbour's bonfire which I quickly rescued from burning! The shop where I got my other crates wouldn't sell me any more the last time I checked :-( boo!
Here it is .. to be used for the kid's colouring in and activity books (finally!).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sima J

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Mail!

Ooo look what I got today .. some happy mail!!
Thanks to the lovely Simone from Greatfun4kids I won all these goodies!!
So super stoked to be the lucky recipient of a copy of
 this amazing book that she wrote!!
What a talented lady she is (go check out her blog if you haven't already - she does AMAZING things - her birthday parties are FANTASTIC to say the least!!)
If you would like to get a very own copy of her wonderful book then go here:

A great idea for Christmas presents!!

Lucky me, I also got a cd, lovely card, and some SUPER cool Christmas ornaments! 
(My fav is the snowflake!)

Here's the haul! 
(and a pic of the ornaments on my HUGE (not) Christmas Tree)
Ooo and did I mention the book was even signed!

Sima J