Monday, September 16, 2013

to my mug swap partner :-)

I'm doing a little mug swap with other bloggers around NZ - FUN!

We put our name forward and get someone else's name to swap a mug with (as well as possible other goodies!)

SO .. for whomever has me I thought I'd better let you in on what I like to make it easier :-)
Firstly - THANK YOU for doing this swap I can't wait to get the parcel in the mail!

I like .. drinking all sorts of hot drinks! We have a coffee machine that we grind our own beans for once a day (in the morning) .. or twice on a bad day haha :-) I like herbal teas, normal tea, occasionally a hot chocolate .. I'm not too fussy really!

I like .. any colour really - probably blue or pink or purple the most I guess.

I like .. organic things (I just read about how teas can have been sprayed with chemicals and they don't wash the tea, and then we steep them in hot water and drink!  I never thought of that before!!)

I like .. horses. 

I like .. the ocean.

I like .. any sweets! I have a sweet tooth ;-)

That should do it .. go nuts - I'm sure I'll love whatever comes my way!

And you reading this .. maybe I've got YOUR name .. ooooo I'm keeping mine a secret!!

Sima J

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Munch Awards

Hey lovely readers!
I've been nominated for the Munch Awards!

Pretty cool - voting begins October 4th here so I'll pop up the voting site again on a new post when it's all go :-)
Thanks for reading my blog to make this even a possibility!

Sima J