Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why I've been missing in action..

Hey there! Long time no blog!
Why is that you may ask (or not, but it's my page so I'm gonna answer it anyway tehe)
I've been SEWING!
Thanks to the tutorial on this blog here: Cluck Cluck Sew
I was inspired to start making quilts again!
In the past I've made two quilts with help from my Mum (thank goodness for her expertise!) - here's some of her work:

I made a quilt for my sister and one for a good friend. Here's the one I made for my sister's baby:

I hadn't made any for years now but the tutorial I mentioned earlier made it sound pretty easy (and it has been so far!) so I thought I'd give it a go. It's for a friend who is looking to start a family soon so I figured if I started now I might actually have it done before she has any kids! haha! I've done all the front now and just need to 'stick' (aka baste) it all together and machine quilt it and bind it. (which isn't too hard when you've got a Mum like mine who has all the knowledge and gadgets to help!) So this is it so far:

So once I started I remember how satisfying it is to finish one of these and I saw this quilt and wanted to make it - Either for me, or if I'm feeling generous when it's done I may give it away ... maybe:

However, I thought to myself, "Hey, it'd be nice to make a quilt for our friends who are getting married in March!" SO .. I asked her what she'd like, the kind of colours etc. (since, come on, when does the man care too much about the look of a quilt!?) and so far I have made the front of that quilt too which looks like this so far:

I'm gonna put a light blue border on it to make it bigger so it'll hang over the edge of a king bed. ANYWAY, that's where I've been spending my 'kidless' time :-)
Sima J


  1. Love these...great work...I would love to give one of these ago in my lifetime...might have to put it on the bucket list ;)

  2. Simone, these are fantastic! You are so talented! I LOVE the colours you've chosen for the baby quilt. I may possibly have to try this!

  3. Nice quilting skills! The baby one is mean.

  4. Super cool idea!! You are very talented!

  5. Love your quilts!! I have been itching to make another one lately especially for family picnics. xoxo


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