Tuesday, February 1, 2011

vegetarians .. DON'T READ THIS!

Ok, so if you ARE a vege or townie who can't stand the thought of where your meat comes from then stop reading now!
I have started a new running program, and on my way home last night I got a fright when I heard a grunt from a pig right next to me on the last little home stretch of my drive! I then saw 5 wild pigs running away from me. These pigs have been getting more and more game lately - coming out in broad daylight!
Well I really like pork unfortunately for them - and also unfortunately for them my husband has a gun and likes to shoot them!

He actually shot one of their brothers last year and he was DELISH!
So needless to say, we are having piggie for dinner tomorrow night YUM :-)
Also, a big thanks to our friend who butchered it for us (for the price of a roast) and got HEAPS of meat off it - way more than we could ever have got off!

I have got into buying Freedom Farm pork over the last year or so, because I hate the thought of pigs being stowed in sow crates. Well, this is about as freedom farm as you can get :-)
Hope I haven't offended anyone - I did warn you!
Sima J


  1. I love fresh meat, but does it have to be a piglet :( I suppose by the time it grows up a bit hubby wont get a good shot?

  2. I have always loved pigs and dreamed of having a pet pig... I even had a pig collection growing up.

    But I also loooooove to eat pigs (hehe) and yay for your hubby and your free range pigs!! ;)

  3. Well technically jacksta it's not a piglet - it's somewhere in between fully grown and piglet & at least a year old :-) (hubby would need a bigger gun for a bigger pig!)

  4. I would have been scared of those wild pigs. Yep hubby did good shooting that thing, the bonus is you now get yummy pork. MMM
    My hubby has just got a bb gun to rid our property of a very balshy cat who keeps beating our snowny up. Is that the city equivalent to shooting wild pigs?

  5. I say YUM. Free range pork AND he had a good life beforehand so I wouldn't feel too bad!

  6. bad...piglet makes me think of something wee and small....I love bacon!


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