Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning (in summertime)

So since school started back on Tuesday I've been in a mad cleaning phase. I see mess EVERYWHERE in my house and can't stop the urge to clean clean clean!! Which is a good thing I guess because it needs it!
One of the things that happened was that a borrowed coffee table had to be returned to it's owner which was actually such a blessing because I scored a brand new beautiful table for $100 off Trade Me. This new table is longer so I thought it was a GREAT place to hide Kohen's toys when they're not in use!
The white sheet was originally to cover the borrowed coffee table from it getting wrecked by my kids and now I want to keep my new coffee table in mint condition so I'm reusing it for that. I'm torn because I want to SEE my lovely new table - but then I don't want it munted so I guess it will just have to be covered until the kids grow up and learn to not draw/scratch furniture?!?
Anyway this is the lounge before the toys were put away:

and this is the lovely new table under that cover:

This is the lounge after the toys have been cleaned up:

and this is where they went:

Easy to get out when needed, and tidy when the day is over YAY - I love tidiness :-)
All that's left where the toys were are his books (in a VERY expensive container.. NOT!)

I've cleaned out the chest in my room since the tv that was on it has also gone back to it's owner and it's looking super clean. I love it! (and we hardly ever used that TV anyway so it's no problem) :-)
ugh now the rest of the house to go (the office is looking particularly messy!)
Sima J

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