Wednesday, February 2, 2011

berry cooler ..

mmm mmm
I am LOVING this summer sun! (now that my hayfever is over *phew*)
It's beautiful and we are SO lucky to live 15min from this:

In the evenings we have concocted a little drink that is SOO good on the humid nights. You can make it with all sorts of flavours
and alcoholic or non-alcoholic!
All you need is two trays of ice and a blender plus whatever flavours you want.

Some examples we have tried:
Frozen berries and Sprite (fizzy lemonade)
Frozen berries, milk and icecream
Daiquari mix, feijoa vodka and Sprite
Frozen berries, Sprite and Boysenberry Nip (found in the wine section at Countdown)
Frozen berries, Sprite and Vodka

As you can see, you can try all sorts of flavours! I'm thinking Nectarine sounds like it may be my next trial :-)
(FYI you put the trays of ice in the blender, add flavour and
whizz til it's like a slushy)
p.s. make sure you refil the trays again and pop them in the freezer because you WILL want another one the next night! :-)

Sima J

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