Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Exciting Date Night!

Wowsers what an exciting night out!
We went out to dinner at Salut (YUM!) and to watch the lovely Erin Cole-Baker and her brother do their thing.

They were GREAT and we had an awesome night out. I got to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in ages and we finally headed home at about 11am.
Let me rephrase, we TRIED to head home! We got most of the way after dodging major flooding on the main road, but we were stopped dead when we got about 1km from our road. We couldn't even see the road anymore, it was completely covered and too deep to attempt crossing! To give you an idea how deep it was here is a pic of the road in last weekends flood. This whole stretch of road was under water! The fencepost by that tree was completely under water!

We tried heading back into town but it was flooded in so we were stuck in the middle! Luckily for us we have nice friends in the middle who took us in! Also luckily our babysitter was hubbys brother so he didn't mind staying the night and looking after our kids!
SO .. in the morning we drove home and found just how lucky we really were because if we HAD made it home we may not have seen this in the dark and driven in ...

It doesn't look TOO bad right? Could just drive to the side of it right? WRONG! Look what's UNDER it!

CRAZY huh?! Luckily we have a car either side of the hole now and our landlord put some planks over to get any of the other tenants cars out if they dare!
I even got my photos onto a NZ news site here.
So that our exciting date night which will end in a new culvert being put in :-)

Sima J


  1. Yay for being a published photographer! Suck about the driveway :( Long walks to the gate in stall for you?!

  2. wow...the last pic...lovely greetings from Bulgaria


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