Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A cow for some magic beans ..

You know how the story goes .. Jack and the Beanstalk.
Well I have some magic beans too!! Only I didn't swap a cow for them.
I was given them by my parents, because they had too many to eat.
SO .. why are they magic? Well look below and you will see:
Purple Beans .. add heat and ..

...they turn into GREEN beans!! .. Magic!
Unfortunately they don't provide my parents with a route to a hen that lays golden eggs. (and if it did, Mum wouldn't want it because she is scared of birds! hehe)
Sima J


  1. Cool! Are you sure they're not "magic" as in the "magic" mushroom kind of beans....

  2. I love that about those beans!! So cool. Alas that is the only thing I like about them - beans - YUK!!

  3. So so cool.

    Also...I see you've commented on one of this morning's posts (bless your cotton socks) sure to check out the other...ahem...I think you might be interested.


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