Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I'm loving..

Oops! After accidentally linking Paisley Jaide's own post to her post?! Sorry guys! I figure how to do the links now so here are MY things I'm loving ..

The fact that I won the auction for this super cute Federation skirt for $1 on TradeMe :-)
(makes up for the times when I've sold stuff at a loss!!)

That I get to go out for dinner tonight at Salut with my hubster .. YUM! (both are Yum tehe)

That I get to watch this lovely lady Erin Cole-Baker and her brother sing after our yummy dinner

I love that I got a new haircut from One2One (just a trim, sorry I haven't got a pic of it, it's not that different than the last one really)

I also love that I got to do groceries yesterday KIDLESS (makes life a lot easier!)

Finally I love that a good friend of mine is returning home from Canada in a week YAY!!

What are you loving? Go here and link up at Paisley Jaide!

Sima J


  1. Yay - you linked it up! I'm loving your list - that skirt is a serious score! Off to do my grocery shopping now - hopefully with just one!

  2. Ah, I love how you include grocery shopping without the children - I so know that feeing and I thoroughly enjoy it when it happens too!

    Have a great weekend. Visiting from Paisely Jade :)

  3. The skirt is wonderfull, lucky you for getting it so cheap!


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