Friday, January 25, 2013

Yummy Chicken & Roasties Salad

I had a quick check back over and it's not in my recipes section so I'm assuming I've never written about the delicious Chicken and Roasties Salad that is one of my favs! 
I made it today (but it won't be 'today' since I'm scheduling this post for a later date!) for a bring and share dinner we're having. 
It's really easy and super YUMMY! (plus it has greens so it's a little healthy ..)
I'm so glad my friend Stacey from over here at dear future me shared this great lil recipe (which I'm pretty sure her bestie made up) a long time ago .. it's been a fav in my recipe book ever since!
Here's the low down on how to make this ...

1 -  Roast bite sized pieces of potato/kumara/pumpkin etc. with salt and oil (alternatively you can be lazy like me and go buy a pack of 'Roasties' which you can find in the frozen section of the supermarket by the hash-browns and what not.

2 - Cook some diced chicken or roast a whole chicken and de-bone

3 -  Prepare salad - mesclun lettuce mix/spring onion/avocado/cashews/toasted seeds (pumpkin/seasame/sunflower etc.)

4 - DRESSING: - 2Tbl Dijonnaise mustard (or 1Tbl Mayo, 1Tbl Mustard (not the dry stuff))
- Black pepper to taste
- 2Tbl white wine vinegar (it's totally worth buying good quality - it makes a HUGE difference!)
- 6Tbl good quality oil
- 1 1/2 tsp salt
- Basil leaves - chopped handful


Easy as pie. 
Maybe even easier than pie actually because some pies are tricky ;-)

Sima J

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