Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Quilt in the process ..

Hey there again lovely people!
ANOTHER post .. I'm on a roll here .. I've done like 3 posts in the last month or so WOW! 
Thought I'd let you take a quick peek at the quilt I'm making for my littlest munchkin. I want it ready for when she goes into a big bed, so I have about 10 months to get it done .. hmm we shall see how THAT goes!
Anyway this can be a brief tutorial too on how I go about pinning my quilts (with a lot of help from my wonderful Mum!)

First you have to get your backing, batting, and top layer all flat.
(iron the back and top if needed).
Lie your backing down on the carpet and pin it to the carpet on the corners, centre, and a couple in between.

Then you lay your batting over the backing so it's nice and flat and central.

Then you lie the top layer on top of that (central again) and put in your pins starting at the middle and working your way out.

 This was how close we pinned because we had enough pins to do so and the batting was only JUST big enough so we wanted to hold it nice and firm. Now I just need to quilt the whole thing! (starting from the middle and working my way out by the way)

And this is the backing fabric. I just LOVE it and was stoked because I got the last piece and the lady gave me some free because it was just a dreg left YAY :-)

So there you have it. Quilt number .. hmmm maybe number 6 I think? .. in the making :-) 

Have a good one!
Sima J


  1. love it!! I was just thinking yesterday about you and quilting...funny!!!

    That backing is an awesome score!!!


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