Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I ran...

YAY it is finally time for the hayfever to subside which means I can get outside again 

It is SO good to be outside in this beauty environment when you've been stuck inside for the last few months!
I've started up doing the Couch to 5km program which I've used before and it is AWESOME.  SUCH a good program for ridiculously unfit people like me to get you back up to higher fitness levels again.

Basically it starts you off nice and slow (walk 1.5min/run 1min repeat for 30min to start with). It only takes 30min 3x a week to do so my oldest son (now 9 1/2yr) comes with me Mon/Wed/Fri after the little kids are in bed.

 I'm using music via the iPod shuffle thingee with Podrunner Intervals which I do not know where I orginially downloaded them from but there are HEAPS out there! The one I have is by DJ Beatsmith if you wanted to google it I'm sure you'd find it or one similar. Basically it beeps when you have to run and again to walk and the music beats at a good tempo to walk and then run to.

SO .. Back to the land of the healthy I go .. and I see a few others of you out there are doing the same so good on you :-) Give it a try - you won't be dissapointed (I hope!) xo

Sima J


  1. nice one. 1/2 marathon next then?

  2. Yay! No hayfever! Good one Simone - maybe this is the plan I will have to follow post baby. Then we can move on to the half marathon together... With Jackie :)

  3. Go you! Love how much easier it is in summer (once the hay fever subsides that is) to exercise too - I especially love early summer mornings when it's light and warm enough to just enjoy being in the great outdoors! I like the sound of the Podrunner intervals, might have to go scout it out!

  4. heyy! it must definitely be nice to get back out there again! enjoy! :)

  5. well done!! I am doing the c25k program as well, and I am into week seven now - the business end, it's a bit scary but I want to finish it, good luck to you :)


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