Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I cut my own hair!

WOW so I finally bit the bullet and cut my own hair!  

Here's some before and after shots - I didn't do anything too drastic .. I'm too scared .. 
maybe next time ;-)

BEFORE(hair scraggly) ....   AFTER (hair trimmed nicely)
BEFORE (fringe too long) .... AFTER (fringe nice and tidy)
 This shot shows the layers I put in

And the back .. 

And all the funny shots I took trying to get the photo of the back haha

Have you ever cut your own hair? Are you brave enough to try?! 

Sima J


  1. Wow go you!! It is sooooo long now!
    Never cut my own hair but I colour hide the ever growing grey!!

  2. wow! go you!! you did an awesome job!
    I am so not brave enough to cut my own hair!!

  3. I did when...when I was seven. Gave my self a bad trim ;)

  4. Used to try and cut my own fringe - pretty much always ended badly! Yours looks great though, good job!

  5. I'm with jacksta, only when I was a kid, and learned never to do it again. Mum was mortified as I was to be a flower girl soon after.
    My hair always looks VERY cut straight after the hairdressers so its not very forgiving if mistakes are made. wish I could do though, I hate spending money on the hairdressers!
    go you!!


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