Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leaving a Comment..

Does anyone else get sick of writing those stupid made-up words when you want to comment on other people's blogs?!  
Well I sure do !  I have to say though, some of those words crack me up!  Here are a few that I've snickered at in the past with some of my made-up meanings ..

bangous - a country where there is lots of noise
bedness - when you are really tired and all you want to do it go to bed
cratifi - crafting in the form of graffiti
entsking - the king of the ents
lessect - an inferior insect
nosive - an explosive sneeze that gets caught in your nose
obled - a way to walk "he olbled away in pain"
pricton - any horrid person who lives in Picton
ressy - any area that is repeatedly messy
runall - a funnel you drink from as you run
shemo - cousin to the famous killer whale Shamu
supech - awesome "that was supech"
suremete - a sailor saying it's fine "suremete" (sure matey)
teness - a game involving a bat, net and ball x10
umbund - to undo - "umbund him now you swines"

yonintin - you think of a meaning for this word and write it in my comments!  

Hopefully you will ENJOY the weird words and think up funny meanings now instead of getting annoyed at them!
P.S. for those on blogger I found out how to stop other people having to write them when they comment on your post!
On your dashboard click "settings", then "comments", then click 'no' on "show word verification for comments?"

Have a good one!
Sima J 


  1. They always crack me up - especially when they relate to the blog post in a weird way. I still use them though as got sick of deleting spam each morning on tonnes of random posts!

  2. Yeah Im too scared to start getting more spam too

  3. Jeepers, yonintin has me stumped! A tin for yonins?

  4. a greeting in an alien language... like our "yo bro" its "yo "nintin" ;) ???

    or when someone comes home and says "where's the yon's?" you say "yon in tin" ;) lol

  5. ha! Ive often thought about writing a post about this very topic. SOme are very funny.
    Ive take it off and Im not getting too much spam. I also changed mine so the comment box pops out on its own - apparently then the whole post doesnt have to keep a post somewhere about it...

  6. Yeh Kristy - I'm not as popular as you so it's not a problem hehe

  7. Neetz had the same idea as me! Doh, wasn't fast enough :)

    Also, perhaps it's what you call a can of Yons? Yon in tin. hehe.

  8. Love your made up meanings! I think there is a game where you do that and the others have to guess which one is correct. Reminds me of life group days.

  9. Yup Tall Pipi - The in-laws made up a game like that it's called 'Fictionary' ;-)


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