Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playroom Joys

So a month or two ago we moved the boys into the same room into bunks for a couple reasons.  One being that J's room was smelling pretty damp and mouldy no matter how many times I cleaned the mould off the cupboard wall .. eww.
SO bad for health reasons!
Also, we thought we may as well get them used to sharing a room now before the next new arrival comes in November!  Yes, yay, I am pregs again (for the last time hopefully!)
Hopefully it's a girl so I can dress her up all pretty, but I'm all good with a boy too seeing as I'm not much of a girly girl anyway!
Sooo .. what became of J's old room?  A playroom!  (an unhealthy mouldy one but hey - it doesn't actually get played in that much!)
That way they can leave all their mess of Lego or cars or trains or whatever they've been playing with out and I don't have to see it haha :-)
This is what it looked like the other day I went down ..

 I couldn't help it - I had to clean it up - it looked horrendous!  So I cleaned it up (with help from the boys) and this is it afterwards...

And that my friends is the playroom.  It is SOooooo nice to have some mornings when the kids wake up on the wrong side of bed and I can just send them downstairs to play and shut the door on the noise while I sip my coffee (that's how I'm writing this post!)
Or in the afternoon when I'm trying to make dinner and it's rainy and the kids are going nuts.  Heaven I say!  
They've learnt pretty quick that Mum doesn't hear their screams if they're arguing over a toy and they need to sort it out themselves! (Technically speaking, I CAN hear them, and I can tell if it's a 'hurt' cry or a 'I want that toy' cry as I'm sure you seasoned mothers understand!)
Bottom line .. I'm not so much looking forward to loosing that playroom!  
(I'm hoping the mould problem is fixed by the landlord before anyone has to use it as a bedroom again!)

Sima J


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