Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oops I've been lazy ..

Sorry guys but I've been mega lazy with my blog lately.  I even am often too lazy to comment on your blogs . I DO LOVE THEM THOUGH .. honest!!  
I will read it and go 'wow that's cool' or 'that looks SO yum' and 'ohh it was so much fun doing that' but then I can't be bothered.  SORRY!! I will try be better seeing as I LOVE getting YOUR comments on here .. it's a 2 way street I know!

SO here is a post to try get me back into the groove!

I made a crock pot cake!  Thanks to PaisleyJade's recipe!  I had to halve it since my crock pot is an old small one!  It turned out pretty good though!  
Can't say it's my favourite cake, but it was fun making it a different way!

Ok so that's enough posting for now.  The little child is going to wake up any minute and we are off on a walk to enjoy this beautiful sunshine (even though the forecast was for miserable weather?!  Thanks God - I needed my washing dried!)
Hopefully I'll try and be bothered to do more posts ;-)  AND be bothered to comment on yours ;-)

Sima J
p.s. Simone G - you have made blogging SO much more enjoyable with your little tips - THANKS!!


  1. What kind of cake is it?
    Yeah we need a lazy "like" button like on FB

  2. Good on you for trying it - not my fav either but pretty cool for a crock pot one!


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