Friday, April 15, 2011

feijoas and oven cleaner ..

Food glorious food.
All the aussies will be jealous because it's FEIJOA SEASON woop woop!!
Lucky for me I have parents and in-laws with the delicious fruit up for grabs for free :-)
AND my lovely mother bottles them for us too .. LUCKY ME!!
I cut open some to eat and noticed they all had different increments of sections inside -3,4,5. Nice.

Jumping randomly to a different (yet vaguely food-related topic):
Ovens. Don't you just HATE cleaning the things!! I am VERY glad the manufacturers thought to make the insides black so you can't tell how dirty they REALLY are!
I HATE commercial oven cleaner. That stuff is just WRONG! You are supposed to clean your oven with ultra-toxic cleaners .. and then cook your FOOD in it?!?! It just doesn't add up to me. That's why I've opted to use natural ingredients to make my own! Not only is it good for the environment, it's good for ME and my families insides! And look how clean my oven is now .. you can actually see through the front window yay!

For those of you interested here's the easy and cheap alternative to toxic commercial oven cleaners:

3/4C Baking Soda
1/4C Salt
1/4C Water

Mix into a paste, spread in oven and leave overnight.
Wipe clean.
(or you can be impatient like me and spread it on and straight away scrub with a green scratchy pot scrubber until it's clean hehe)

Sima J


  1. feijoas are sooo good! I made a feijoa pie last night... *drool*
    Great idea for making your own oven cleaning paste!! flip, I need to give it a go

  2. Mmmmmm feijoas! You are funny that you noticed it was 3,4, and 5!

  3. That's exactly how I clean my oven too. The fumes of the commercial cleaners make me feel ill.

  4. I thought this post might be about how feijoas can be used FOR oven cleaner and then my tree that is almost breaking under the weight of feijoas may in fact be useful.....we just don't love them he in Aust. sorry! :)
    But my birds do! I will try your oven clean though! Sure i can't use feijoas? LOL

  5. Sorry to disappoint Miss Prudence! It was a rather random title hehe :-) My sis-in-law is in aussie (an ex-kiwi) and was telling me they are about $1.50 each there! Maybe you could set up a roadside stall and sell them to the kiwis who are feijoa-homesick ;-)

  6. I miss feijoas so much that I might in fact name my next baby Feijoa!


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