Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bunks and some more organisation loving ..

Well the bunks turned up YAY and we turned these ..

.. into this!
Well done us I say. I even helped heft the stupid heavy top bunk, with mattress on it, on top. Lets just say I'm not the strongest lifter and Carl laughed at my grunts as I tried not to drop the whole thing! It must've looked pretty funny.

Also, we are on HOLIDAY!! That's one of the great things about homeschooling - you can holiday when YOU want! It's so nice to be on a break when there aren't a million kids in town on their breaks! What I love about the new term is having nice fresh calendars all ready.

Ahhh, organisation I DO heart you!!

Sima J


  1. Does that bottom bunk have a spare trundler under it too!

  2. I really dont know how you do homeschooling! Amazing patient woman you must be!!!

  3. Yes it does jacksta .. but it's off the other bed .. it was what Kohen was sleeping on! (Weza .. really I am not haha .. it is a good patience tester but that doesn't mean I am all the time!)

  4. LOVE your bunks. Me and Morg might have to get some. Id choose top!


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