Thursday, April 7, 2011

I heart organisation

I do like organisation.
You'd often have a hard time believing it if you ever saw my house in its natural state!
When on holiday at the bach at Pataua I noticed all the shelves were labelled according to sheet type etc. I loved this so much I thought I might have to do it in my house.
I really didn't have a reason. I'm the only one who puts linen away/gets linen out and I know where everything is. But it IS nice to have it labelled haha.

Sima J


  1. that is organisation!!!!
    I haven't got a linen cupboard I have linen drawers and I have each drawer with certain things like Riley's Sheets, Abbey's blankets etc .. I love organisation too .. and same as you you would never know coming to my house lol organised Chaos!!!

  2. there is this 'beaver' within me trying desperately to get out...doesn't come too naturally but def is trying to take over the 'otter'... liking this idea! u have to do things like this too when having such a small house with no storage space- good idea!

  3. Clever you - I'm constantly pulling out the wrong light blue sheet and end up trying to put a single onto a queen sized bed!


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