Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The soup morning

Today has been a soup morning!

It all started when I bought half a pumpkin from the markets.
I thought I'd better make soup with it before it goes off. Then I remembered I had some potatoes that needed using and some leeks that I'd bought. Then I realised I also had a HUGE turnip that hubby had brought home from off our land.
So .. one pumpkin soup, one potato leek soup, one vege soup. 
Having a chest freezer helps too .. otherwise we'd be eating soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Here is some of the turnip, along with onion and garlic frying up in the pan (having never cooked with turnip I did a little googling and made up my own idea of what to do with it!)

 The turnip - you can see how big it is compared to the pen - and this is with the bottom of it, and part of the side of it chopped off!

My vege soup ready to boil up and simmer.

I don't usually buy stock in these little cubes but they were on sale .. I LOVE the cute little individually wrapped pieces!

Pumpkin soup in one crockpot (slowcooker)

Potato leek soup in the other crockpot (slowcooker)

 The giant 3/4 of a bucket load of compost to go in my compost bin, ready to break down to feed my vege patch in future :-)

Hopefully they all turn out nice! I personally do not like potato and leek soup so I'll leave that one for the others to demolish .. pumpkin is my fav out of these three - though kumara bacon soup is my all time fav! I love how there are tonnes of veges in these soups and they are healthy AND yummy :-)
p.s. a tip that I do is to buy french sticks when they're on sale (they usually always are 2 for $3 at Countdown!) - make up some garlic butter (garlic + butter - easy!). Chop your sticks in half and then partway through like the bought garlic breads. Wrap them in foil and freeze - then you have garlic bread (for having with things like soup!) on hand when you need it! (great for taking to BBQs etc. too!)

Sima J


  1. mmmm nothing like homemade soup!!

  2. yum or latest fav is spinch leeks veg stock cauliflower parsley and broccoli

  3. We love garlic bread around here!

  4. Hi,
    Hey we would love to nominate your site for the Munch Awards which will be released at the end of next week. However we need an email address from you do send you the button etc. Can you email us on Thanks

    1. Cool sounds great email = tuffsurfergirl at gmail dot com :-)


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