Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rainy Day Easy Toddler Colour Activities

So I had a few minutes to do some activities with Master 4yr this morning so pintrest searched on some easy ideas that weren't messy or hard to set up.

This is what we did:

The first idea didn't work quite as well as I had thought. I got 3 glasses of water out, and put blue colouring in one, and yellow in another. Then I got 2 paper towels, rolled them up and put one end in a colour, and one in a glass of uncoloured water. The idea is that the colour transfers through the paper towel into the uncoloured water and then the colours mix, making a third colour. 
I found that the colour just went halfway up the paper towel though, so I ended up just squeezing it out of the paper towels into the colour-free water. Not as exciting as predicted! (also, I didn't get a photo of this, but this is the one from where I got the idea - you can click on the pic for the link)


Second, I got out 3 bowls and some tongs and got the kids to put all the same colour lego in each bowl using the tongs. (I just picked out the yellow/green/blue lego and used that)

Then I got a bag and put all the 3 colours of lego into the bag. Then we'd take turns pulling out a piece and telling me it's colour. If it was right, we'd put it in one of the bowls from before with it's matching colour.
(I didn't get a pic of this one either)

Then we focused on ONE colour - we chose green - and did a drawing with all sorts of green things that we could think of. Also, to get ideas we looked through a magazine and pointed out all the green things.

Lastly, I made them these mess-free finger paint sheets.

You just get a ziploc bag - put in 2 (or however many!) blobs of paint and zip it up. Then I masking taped on a piece of white paper underneath and the bag on top and they squished the paint around to make a third colour (kept with the yellow/blue/green thing for Master 4)

All in all a good bit of fun for a rainy day - and colour learning for my 4yr old who seems to be having a bit of difficulty with the names of colours :-)

Sima J


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