Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Review .. Slowcooker Chicken Tacos

You can find the recipe here.

The last Slowcooker review from the giant list!

This one was another winner, with one alteration.
It was SO easy and it's the kind of thing you can throw together quickly if you have the ingredients in your cupboard too (or use from freezer, obviously even easier!)

I made this one with tortilla wraps - It got me confused as the title says Tacos, and in the recipe it says use Tortillas. I guess you could use either though!
We put it with some lettuce, tomato, cheese, sourcream, and avocado.

You could use the same chicken on Tacos, or even as a nacho kind of mix really!

The only thing that I would alter is that one amount didn't go far enough for us. Luckily we had an extra guest over for dinner so I chucked both of the dinners in (since I had doubled all the recipes) because it didn't look like much with just one. It fed us well, we made about 11 wraps out of it, and there was plenty of meat in each, but we didn't have any left over. I guess you could be more stingy on the meat and make it stretch further, or you could chuck in a can of beans too (probably near the end because they'd quite likely go mushy I'd think if you put them in for as long as the chicken?)

ALSO .. it did say 6hrs on high from frozen cook time - I had the 2 dinners in for that long from frozen and they were very well done. I'd say you could get away with 5hours but I guess it depends on your slowcooker and how hot it cooks.


Hopefully you've learnt from my mistakes and are inspired to make some freezer slowcooker meals too!

Sima J

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