Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Zig-Zag Rainbow Quilt

Now that I'm in the quilting groove, I'm continuing on with the last one I started ages ago - my zig-zag rainbow quilt .. that is for .. ME! Nope, I'm not giving this one away - it is destined for the couch to snuggle up to at night :-)
I saw the design over on CluckCluckSew (you should check it out if you love quilts .. she is amazing!) - here is her one which you can read about on her blog here :

And here is my finally cut pile of 6' squares! I plan to make mine with an extra zig-zag to make it that little bit bigger.

And a couple of my favourite pieces are here:

(this green is the same as Ellie's Owl Quilt's backing, except in green - I am in LOVE with the print!)

(I love how this looks like lace over yellow!)


AND .. I have another quilt on the go. The inspiration is from here:

Heart quilt

I am planning to do mine on a white background though, with bright purples and blues as the hearts. Here is my backing .. a white pattern on off-white fabric :-)

Loving it :-)

Sima J


  1. Love this all! Beautiful colours!

  2. Your quilts are amazing Simone, what a great job! Love the heart one, can't wait to see you version :)

  3. I can not wait to see these two new works!! You are so talented!

  4. Wow! You are so clever! I thought of you and all your quilt lovers when we were up in Russell at the B&B. The owner Marilyn is so cool and a passionate quilter, she books classes or getaways for those keen, puts them up, yum breakfast etc and a hobby room for the groups use to quilt away the day... was AWESOME! And affordable! She was telling me all about framed quilt art too and it is cool!


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