Friday, July 12, 2013

Crock Pot Pulled Pork

You can find the recipe here.

Well the scariest slowcooked meal has been accomplished with flying colours *phew*

I was super worried that the HUGE pork roast wouldn't fit in the slow cooker!! It did ... JUST!! I had to even put a weight on the top to hold the lid on until it cooked down a bit!!

It really was a monster roast! It will do us for 3 dinners (plus 2 guests for one of those dinners) and the dog got 2 dinners out of it too with all the fat/bones!

It was a yummy rub on it - had a bit of a kick with the chilli, but not too much (I don't like too much heat). So my verdict on this one is .. thumbs up!

We had it with roasted skin-on potatoes and coleslaw last night, and the same tonight except on buns instead of with potatoes. Tomorrow I'm thinking of trying to use the left overs in some kind of pie :-)

In future I think maybe I'd try a smaller roast - it took from 8am-5.30pm to cook!! 

Sima J

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  1. Hey it was so nice to meet you and the kids today.....and slow cooked recipes are exactly what I am after with having just bought one a few weeks ago meeting you and finding your little space is all a bonus. Look us up if you are ever in Perth. x


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