Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A post about glue ..

Hahaha I laugh at myself and how frugal I am.
This was the state of my slippers the other day:

But do I go buy some more .. ?
Nope .. nothing a bit of PVA won't fix .. again! (yes, this has happened to them before!)
It's true though .. they are actually fine  and still going strong after a bit of gluing!
Amazing stuff glue! 

(did anyone watch that Grand Designs episode when he made that glue out of rabbits??! That was insanely amazing!! .. for those of you who missed out - the glue was SUPER SUPER SUPER glue .. REALLY strong!!)

Anyway enough rambling about glue - who knew I'd write a post about glue haha.

Sima J


  1. I am all for making something last a long time too....Rabbit glue sounds fascinating. x

  2. I LOVED that episode!! And that chair and the other cool things they made/did. Who knew dead things and urine were so awesome :p


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