Saturday, June 8, 2013

Story of 2 moths..

A while ago now, I was at home one evening just falling to sleep when a moth fluttered around my ear - it was dark and I was half asleep and flicked at it with my hand to get rid of it when it decided it would actually be a good idea to go INSIDE my EAR!! AGHHH!
It was SOoo horrid and also quite funny at the same time - all I could hear was a fluttery noise that wouldn't go away! Hubby was out playing games with friends and after I had tried to entice it out with a bright light (which failed) I text him my dilemma.  Luckily he was playing with a GP so I was able to get some free medical advice that I should pour oil in my ear and it should float out. Well I tried that - and squirting water  - fail.
At least by now the fluttering had stopped since I had obviously drowned the thing!
By then hubby was home and tried getting it with tweezers .. to no avail.
I gave up for the night and went to sleep (YUKYUKYUK grossing out that there was a MOTH in my EAR!!)
In the morning (it was the weekend so I was not keen to go to the doctor since it would cost lots) I even tried the vacuum cleaner to suck it out!
I finally admitted that I needed to pay for medical help so headed off to our local out-of-hours medical center (lucky we have one really!) and got them to flush it out with water (which took about 5 seconds with the right tools!).
Funnily the GP that hubby had been playing with the night before was the doctor working that day! It was a pretty gross, hilarious, and embarrassing adventure in all and boy was I glad to have that moth out of my ear!!
Here is the culprit:

The other moth was the one that reminded me that I hadn't written up that story about the first moth so thought I probably should. I saw it on the wall the other night and it was such a beautiful light whitey green I thought I just had to take a picture of it. Funny, because if it was sitting on a dark surface I probably would have thought it wasn't all that pretty, but on the cream background it looked amazing! (the photo doesn't really do it justice).

So obviously the moth-in-ear incident hasn't turned me against moths (though I did make sure to remove one from above the bed last night!)

Sima J

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  1. That is my worse nightmare. From now on I won't be flicking any moths away, I will be putting my fingers in my ears :)


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