Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chicken Cacciatore review .. and costings for Frozen Slowcooker Dinners

So we had our first meal from the frozen slowcooker stockpile last night.
 (see this post for info about that)

Chicken Cacciatore!
The results are in .. thumbs up :-)
I put it over spiral pasta (after googling what usually goes with it!) and I would recommend adding some greens but it slipped my mind last night (and Miss 18months was HUNGRY .. NOW!)

Little Miss 18months decided she wanted 2nds and then 3rds - and Master 4yr declared it to be delicious. As for the more 'aged palates' we thought it was 'nice'. Not blow-me-away material but filled everyone up and tasted good. So all in all a success. It made enough for dinner for equivalent of 4 adults plus some left for a lunch.

Would I use the recipe again? YES. (you can access it on my recipes tab)

Now for the costings.
I was asked how much it had cost to purchase all the food for the meals so here is the break down for you.
Bearing in mind that the chicken was cheap (not-free range) except for the whole chicken and the pork roast was on sale so cheap (and HUGE .. I am a little worried it won't fit in my slowcooker!!)

ziploc bags - $20 - had some left over, and you can wash and reuse these so won't have to re-buy them
meat - $220 - bearing in mind that I didn't buy any beef because we have our own homekill to eat
other sauces/herbs etc. - $98 - bearing in mind that I had some of the ingredients already - though I also had some leftover sauces/herbs etc. so I guess it evens that out really
veges - $30 (roughly) - also had some of these left over (mainly onions)

TOTAL - $380 - also bear in mind (there seems to be a lot of bearing in mind sorry!) that most dinners will need to be served over something e.g. pasta, potatoes etc. and should probably have fresh veges added (or frozen) 

So .. do I think it saved me $? YES. I usually do a fortnightly shop and spend roughly $300 give or take so about $400 for a months worth of meals is $100 cheaper. (and with one day of hard work, much easier too!)

Let me know how you go if you try this!   

Sima J

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