Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waitangi Day Cricket

A tad belated but here's a post on Waitangi Day. 

For those of you who don't know what Waitangi Day is (aka anyone not in NZ!) you can check out what it's about here. Basically to me it means a day of no work and enjoying the sun!

Now I am NOT a fan of cricket. It goes on and on and on and on and when you think it's finally over, you realise that the other team still has to bat .. boring!! However, I may be converted to watching 20/20 cricket. Nice and short and, on Waitangi Day anyway, it was actually exciting.
I know. Cricket? Exciting? Yes. It actually was surprisingly haha!
Here's a some pics to prove it:

This guy had the hugest lens ever to catch the action:

This beer was about the most delicious I've ever had. Not because of the taste, more because for the same price of this ONE beer, my hubby can make about FOURTEEN (nicer tasting) home brews!! 
(but we got given our cricket entry tickets for free by some nice person so we had some spare $ yay!)

The crew including the lovely Jax and her family from Jacksta B who suggested the day spent out watching the cricket  - great idea!!

Spiderman was there, signing autographs for kids on their cricket bats. hahaha they were stoked!

And then it was nearly over and it got exciting .. 2 runs to win, 2 balls remaining!

Then it got even MORE exciting .. 1 run to win, one ball remaining! 

And then .. WE WON! YAY!!

'Twas a lovely day out with good company, good food (no branded food allowed so I bought a Domino's pizza and glad wrapped the pieces hehe YUM), and a good game.
Happy Waitangi Day New Zealand!

Sima J


  1. love the black and white / colour photo :) you may have convinced me its worth going to ... maybe

  2. I used to LOVE going to the cricket growing up - but having a shorter game is PERFECT for a family hey. As I type this, hubby and I are watching NZ just beat England in the 1-dayer in Hamilton - ha ha!

  3. Looks like an awesome day! So thaaaaaats what sun looks like!


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