Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Broken Arm

Now I don't usually post about my kids - but this is a doozy so I just have to post about it!!
THE worst day of 2013 easily .. probably the worst day of all of my little man's short 4 years really .. happened on a Monday evening!
The day he broke his arm! 
After a day at preschool the kids were mucking around playing this and that while waiting for dinner as I reclined in bed, recuperating after getting a tummy bug the evening before/that morning. I heard a crash crash crash down the stairs and rushed to see my just-4yr-old boy at the bottom in a pile. After picking him up and asking him where it hurt I looked down to see his arm .. and FREAKED OUT because it was bending where it shouldn't!!!! I remember thinking to myself that I needed to try and be calm and relaxed because if I freaked out then he would too, but I just couldn't help but squeal because it was SO GROSS!!!!
After grabbing him and bundling all the kids into the car as fast as possible I made the mad dash to the hospital - a 40min drive away from our house - stopping for a second to pick up hubby who was on the way home from work.
Here's some pics to show how the wonderful (not) day progressed!

We have some horrid steps at our house. I've put up a pic on them and a pic of the barrier we have at the top of them to stop littlies tumbling down them. This is partially to show you where he fell, and partially so that if you are squeemish you won't see the picture of his arm that bends where it shouldn't!


Here's the culprit .. he tripped nearly right at the top!

The gate that stops little people crawling down:

The arm - at A&E 

This was after being drugged up:

Waiting to get xrays done:

The next day all fixed up in a split cast that will allow for swelling (he'll get a proper one in a week or two):

 The view from our hospital .. it's pretty nice actually! (the view that is, the hospital is ... well ... not the cleanest/nicest but hey, at least we HAVE one - I'm sure grateful for it!!)

I stayed overnight with him (in a horrible uncomfortable bed!)

The rigmarole of having to bathe with a cast on - he thought it was hilarious! 

I hope none of you have to go through that! It sure made me grateful to be in a country where there is ready access to medical help - I don't know how I would have coped had there not be help available!!

Sima J


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