Saturday, February 23, 2013

The hilarity of foreign english

Birthday $ came in the post from a lovely aunty for the small boy.
We went on a shopping trip to The Warehouse and after going through a lot of different options to make sure that this is what he REALLY REALLY wanted, he chose a till machine with a little shopping basket of items. Hilarious, but cute - the little boy loves to pretend to play shop and loves cooking too .. maybe a future shop attendant/shop owner/chef/who knows what!
Anyway, after closer inspection of aforementioned product I noticed some hilarious spelling errors on the shopping items .. 

Anyone for Junmy Fruit Juice .. mmmm Junmy, my favourite it's so yummy yunmy

How about some:
MIKE Pure Mike hahahahahaha Mmmm care for some cow's milk mike anyone?!

Sima J


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