Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Whale and the Rugby ..

OKAY so here I finally am again .. haven't quite dropped off the edge of the world just yet!

Soo just a quick post to keep y'all up to date and prove I'm still alive and kicking!

I've been rugby-a-fied over the last month - My husband convinced me that it was a good idea to make the most of the Rugby World Cup 2011 being in NZ .. because who knows how long (if ever) it will be here again?!  So when the tickets went on sale last year we coughed up some dosh to get tickets for all the Eden Park Pool games (5 in total) + the 2 games being held in our lil ol hometown of Whangarei!

(this was Eden Park)

I've managed to waddle my way to all the Eden Park games from some random people's house that we hired a room from to stay in for the night after the games!  (They were LOVELY people by the way thank goodness and the room was nice .. the breakfast even better - HELLO PASTRIES IN THE MORNING!!)  Oh man the ones with chocolate on top and chocolate inside!!  For BREAKFAST .. HELLO!!!

And no .. I'm not waddling because of the pastries (although I'm sure they don't help!)  I'm waddling because I only have 5weeks left on the countdown to a screaming newborn!  Currently I look like this .. 

... I mean this .. hehe

I hefted me and my yet-to-be-born child up a TON of stairs to get to our cheap seats at the Eden Park games (after walking about 1.5km to get to the venue!)
You can't really tell too much from this picture but it was at the top of the steps .. 

.. and here is the view once we made it ..

This was the opening ceremony night (and NZ vs Tonga game) - what a beaut of an evening!

Anywho, seems to me I've let you know about what I've been up to enough for now .. Might just have to do a scheduled follow-up blog post so you can wait for the next one .. but not so long as the last one hehe!

Sima J


  1. LOVE those belly pics it is such an adorable lil belly!!!

  2. You are looking awesome!! Well done getting to see some of the games too!

  3. Oh you look so gorgeous!! Wow for climbing all those stairs preggers!!! Cant wait to hear all about this little one when he or she arrives!!!

  4. you know you can get those crosants from new world..just saying ;)

  5. Good on you guys for making the most of the rugby while it's in NZ!!
    You're looking fab pregnant too!

  6. Wow what a view from the top, what a hike for you. You look great. Can't wait to see pics of bubs soon :)


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