Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fathers Day (a belated post)

Fathers Day was last Sunday here in NZ so I thought I'd post about what we did ..

We dropped off some goodies to my Dad-in-law the day before because hubster had to work on Fathers Day!  We got some DELICIOUS smelling coffee beans from these guys:

You can see their Facebook page here 

They smelled so good it's lucky they even left my house!
And also some soft licorice for the licorice fan :-)

Fathers Day morning I had a small helper in the kitchen to make some waffles!

Add to that some bacon and cream cheese (we usually would have bacon, banana and golden syrup, but there were no bananas)
Turned out pretty darn tasty I have to say (I had tomato with mine which was divine!)

Then he opened his present (actually he did that first, but hey who's keeping track here!)
A dozen beers from around the world from here.

Then in the afternoon I went to my Dad's (aren't I lucky to be near my parents!!)  and delivered some more licorice and some licorice slice (recipe from PaisleyJade here) and had lunch there.


I am blessed to have a fantastic Dad who has always been here for me - and now in the next generation what a blessing my husband is being to my kids too - lots of loving all round :-)

Sima J


  1. I love their much I buy it regularly

  2. Ooooo Ill have to check out the coffee and beer sites for Morgs b'day!


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