Saturday, October 8, 2011

More pics for you ..

Okay .. so last time I shared a few pics from the Rugby World Cup.

Here are a few more from our adventures ..
Opening ceremony ..

 (yes, the fireworks were at eye level for us!!)
and we could see the sky tower fireworks from where we sat!

Nothing like the NZ anthem..

..except maybe the haka!

This was in our hometown of Whangarei - Tonga vs Canada (well done Canada for winning!)

And then there was the Ireland vs Aussie game .. THE BEST GAME!!!  The atmosphere was electric (esp being surrounded by true Irelanders!)

 (sorry Aussie .. but I'm not really! hehe)

Then there was the NZ vs France game .. on my birthday no less! 
(it was a very MAN birthday .. we had lunch at an alehouse (which was SOooo yum! - here's the link if you're an Aucklander or want to eat some delicious kai in Auckland Galbraith's Alehouse .. I got the chicken pie .. YUM!), got hubster a rugby top and went to a rugby game haha)
GO the might ALL BLACKS yipee!!

So you can guess what we are doing this weekend .. watching the 1/4 finals :-)

Hope you're all on your way to having a fab weekend yourselves!

Sima J


  1. Oh man - it would have been soooo cool to be there! Love the pics.

  2. great pics. Good on you guys for really taking advantage of it and going to all the games.


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