Monday, August 9, 2010


Dangerous. That is one-day in one-word!

Luckily for me I’m a bit of a frugal person and will only buy stuff I really need and would have bought anyway! Mostly.

A friend introduced me to this wonderous site a while back and it has become a regular habit to check what’s on sale every day. Living where I do (in the middle of nowhere)

I like to think I’ve actually saved quite a bit of time and also petrol $ from this website! Presents/clothes/treats are all purchased and then you get the fun of opening them after they arrive – it’s like your birthday!!
I love it! The internet has actually become a main place for me to shop for stuff now.
MightyApe has been a favourite site (although a while back they had rather shocking service, which seems to have been a one-off)
and has been a great place for present buying.
I have heard of people getting their groceries online
– Probably not such a good idea for me seen as I don’t think they’ll make it up the drive!

(this isn't actually my drive by the way)
What do YOU buy online??

Sima J

(p.s. if you want ink cartridges computerfood is the best site I've found yet - and they deliver SO fast to you PLUS they put in little sweets AND if you're buying ink they send it FREEPOST! AWESOME!)

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