Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Stuff

Hi there! I had my blog all written in out in my head this weekend, and now I’ve forgotten all I had to say! Anyway, my pics give me clues – this weekend was lovely and SUNNY! I do love a bit of sun. (and can’t wait for summer – I am NOT a winter lover!) After an early hockey game, I returned home to chill out in the blissful sun with a vino on the deck ...

...and got to peruse this beautiful view..

Well, I didn’t really look at it that much to be honest, because I was either reading a book, or checking K wasn’t getting into trouble, or getting pestered by this friendly face...

(the reason half his nose isn't in the picture is because he'd stuffed it so close I couldn't get it in! He'd be on my lap if he was allowed!)

He has a one-track mind “throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball”

Nice shot of a trike begging to be ridden on.

Also, can you guess what this is ... ??

I will post the answer in my next post!

Hope you had a grand weekend too!!

Sima J

p.s. and I even washed my car yay!


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