Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What do YOU do for fun??

I have to confess .. I'm a gamer. Not the type that plays computer games

(though they are fun and I do play them sometimes).


I mean the type that plays REAL games, like old-school monopoly, play with real people type games.


Except cooler. Yes, cooler and games DO go together - I'm telling ya!! I probably never used to play - I was too busy going out to the movies, having coffees, going out to dinner. Then I met Jess. Ahh good friend Jess :-) She was my flatmate for a while and she introduced me to ‘Settlers of Catan’.


She got me hooked on games. And now we have *ahem* 11 games collected up! Luckily, we have geeky gamey friends to play these games with (you know who you are)!! It is actually so fun I’m telling you!! AND you usually eat lots of yummy food while playing ..

(popcorn, chocolate )

..AND drinking yummy drink..


..And actually SOCIALISING – because it’s GOOD to socialise!! And I even win sometimes (especially when I’m not playing with my husband who is pretty good when it comes to strategy.)


Anyway, just thought I’d put that geeky trait of mine out there. We just bought an extension for ‘Shadows over Camelot’. We’re pretty excited. What are you doing this weekend?

Guess what we’re doing. Tehe

(shadows, extension)

Sima J


  1. I am sooooo with you there im such a board game geek LOVE them though just getting into the hard out ones we really liked agricola, havnt had much of a chance to play others as its my sister and fiance who are into them and have heeappss but they live in welly but definitly perfect night great mates, a couple of drinks and board games!!!! :)

  2. settlers of catan is my FAVE game!!!! not many people have played it but it is seriously addictive and competitive....dam! LOVE IT!

  3. LOVE gaming! And love gamer geeks!!


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