Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis the Season ..

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner! Today I wrapped all the presents (bar one that I'm still waiting to be delivered) and put up our Christmas tree.

Okay, so the tree is pretty darn small but I actually really like it! It was only about $8 from memory but the perfect size to HAVE a Christmas tree and not have it dominate the house! It was actually originally bought for my old flat (about 4 or 5 years ago) - and still going strong :-)
Secondly I wrapped up all these goodies to go on the presents as little extras (I know - I AM organised this year - what's that about!?!)

This is what it looks like in the magazine I got the recipe out of:

It tastes GREAT (hey, I had to check and make sure before I gifted it right?!).
Even better - it is SUPER EASY to make!!
Here's how:

180g pink/white marshmallows, halved
70g Pistachio nuts (if you can buy pre-shelled it will save you a heap of time!)
100g dried Cranberries
50g thread Coconut (you can get this at Bin Inn)
375g packet white choc melts

1) line (or butter) a tin/dish about 20cm square
2) put all ingredients together except the choc
3) melt choc and pour over other ingredients
4) put in fridge (you may want to cut it before it sets too hard - Carl cut a finger trying to cut this stuff oops!!)

I wrapped mine in glad wrap and then in a clear cellophane and tied with ribbon. I'm leaving them in the fridge until the day because it's been so hot they may melt!

Have fun making easy sweets (p.s. you may want to double this, even though it's rich it's very more-ish)

Sima J


  1. Those yummies sound delish! Love your cute tree and wrapped presents - you are super organised!!!

  2. wow you are super organised! I feel I don't really get my baking Christmas mojo on till after Ellas B'day which is just after Carls.


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