Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a love and hate affair ..

Ok, so I’ve pressed the “NEW POST” button a few times lately only for something else to come up and me not getting to actually writing the post! So finally I managed to get some time to write – YAY!

I have been inspired by blogs I’ve been reading and Mum brought me a Home and Living Magazine that I’ve been reading and this morning I looked around my house and saw things that I love and things I hate (well, maybe DISlike would be a better word – hate is pretty harsh!).

I feel like I don’t want to put too much effort into this house seeing as it’s a rental – I want to save my efforts for the house that I will own one day .. one day .. haha.

Anyway, here are some love/hates of my life in my house at the moment…

Love .. my 'eat sheet' - menu planning is awesome!

Love .. organisation. I'm mostly a beaver (don't know what I mean? see here: personality test)

Love .. my coffee machine.

Love .. the view out my window.

Dislike .. the toy mess. This was even after I'd put away half the toys! BUT - Love .. the Toy Library!

Love .. having plants in my house BUT - Dislike that the orchids on this one have shrivelled up and died!

Dislike .. this messy corner. There's no love goin on here! (although I guess I DO love books!)

Love .. this canvas print of a shot from our wedding.

Love .. this cool frame I got @ The Warehouse - a good way to display a lot of pictures tidily (there's that tidy beaver trait again!)

Dislike .. my dirty cobweb windows. Although they're kinda pretty in this shot!

Love .. our plain coloured walls and curtains that show off these dried roses.

Love .. food! This is dinner in the process of being made - a lamb couscous salad. (It was okay but needs refining)

This is quiche (it's so quick and easy to make!)

This GIANT piece of home-kill schnitzel!

What are you loving and Disliking today?!

Sima J


  1. thats a super cute canvas shot of the two of you. I like that photo board too. I think we need some pictures of the extended family some where in our house...great idea.

  2. Love your post Simone, Your awesome..Id we way to shamed to put photos up of my houses Messy spots but i guess everyone has em,unless your a clean freak with no kids!!

  3. totally get the love hate relationship at the top with this! haha. I have posted so much wrong, never have time and cant seem to work out some stuff but what would i do without blogging now!? love it, looking good x


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