Tuesday, October 19, 2010

at home ..

Hi there.
Well I thought I'd better post about SOMETHING seeing as I haven't posted anything in a while so here are some random things and thoughts around and about my house.

Today I have been eating like a queen. My wonderful husband went out fishing last night and caught a snapper which he then cooked for breakfast - YUM. (I never used to be a fan of fish until I tasted it the way he cooks it! - in butter crumbed in breadcrumbs and yummy herbs n spices).
I didn't take a picture but here is a picture of lunch which was also yum..Fried egg on toast with avocado and tomato and a glass of coke.

Whilst I ate that delicious lunch I managed to squeeze in a couple of pages of the book I'm reading (in between feeding the kids!)
It's quite a good book - I love Ted Dekker's books :-)
Here is a book review on it:

This week and last week has been great for cooking dinners thanks to Kristy over at PaisleyJade for recommending these free printable lists!
It got me all inspired to organise my dinners for 2 weeks
(we'll see how long it lasts ...)

After all that organising I thought maybe I should get back into this list making stuff so I made a list of stuff to do for the day and it actually really helped me be motivated to do more!! Yay!

So after feeling all organised and had the house all clean I was SO pleased to see K helping to clean the window with his slobbery hands and face .. not.
This is a picture of said window. The blurry bit is not the camera, but where the window is so smudged you can't actually see out it clearly haha!!

And the mess continues.. it was tidy that morning I promise!!

So anyway that's my random blog on house stuff.
Also, in case you're interested during my clean up I put a couple things on trade me, a skirt (size 6)and some car mags. (as in tyres, not magazines)

Sima J

p.s. Roast chicken for dinner too .. YUM what a yum food day! :-)


  1. Stop it!!!! You are making me soooo hungry!!!! :o) You deserve to be eating like a queen after all that housework.

  2. "it was tidy this morning - I promise" Is what I say to Lesmond J every night when he walks in the door. :) Gutted our hubbys didnt get together for a fish mish last weekend...Im so hanging out for a decent feed of snapper!

  3. Mmmmm, fresh fish. I miss Whangarei!

  4. Mmmm - avacados! Loving the fact you've used those lists - I haven't tried the meal planning one!

    That book sounds good - hopefully I'll read Symon's copy now that he's finished it!!


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