Monday, October 7, 2013

Munch Awards .. please vote for me!

Hey there!
You may recall a while back I was nominated by someone for the Munch Best Kids Food Blog?
Well the time has come to cast your vote! (actually it's been open since the 4th of Oct - and results are known 1st Nov)
So .. if you feel like you'd like to vote for me that would be awesome! 

When I started out this blog I didn't intend it to be a food blog particularly, but it seems that food is a major part of my life .. and I guess since I'm cooking for my kids it's become a kid's food blog! I hope it has encouraged you, and given you some tips and tricks to help!

Voting is at this site under 'Best Kid's Food Blog' .. look for SimaJ :-)

Thanks heaps!!

Sima J

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