Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Present Craft

I just clicked 'create a new post' .. I think the computer has to pick itself up off the floor now it was so shocked to see me click that! (" are you SURE you didn't mis-click right now" says Mr. Computer)

I'm BACK .. well not sure for how long but I actually MADE stuff so I thought I could post about it .. on Christmas eve .. because there is nothing decent on TV tonight and since there's Cyclone Evan bearing down on us our (outdoor) carol singing got canned :-( Thanks a lot EVAN .. GOSH!

Anyway, you are NOT reading this on Christmas Eve because the present I am posting about is a Christmas gift and I don't want the person to get any sneek peeks :-)

I got the idea originally from this pin here:

They did it with some fancy vinyl letters or something .. a bit of kiwi ingenuity and here is how I did MY version for a friend's Christmas Present:

First I found a lot of African inspired pics and montaged them and then print them on photo paper - you can use any pic for the background you like! 
(or fabric would probably be good too!)

Trace out the letters you need to make whatever word or saying you want onto Duraseal (the stuff you use to cover kid's school books) and then cut them out with a scalpel

Stick them firmly on the photo (in the right order!) 

Paint over whole picture with whatever colour you want .. I wanted the brights to stand out so chose a white.

This is the picture after painting the entire thing:

Some of the ink seeped through after it had dried. I could have done another coat but
 a) I quite liked the look
 b) I am too impatient!

Now comes the fun part .. peel off the letters!

End product!

I decided to finish it off by sticking it to a canvas. I used double sided tape to do this = no mess. 
I found that the parts where the duraseal had been was a little sticky still so I sprayed hairspray over it all to hold it :-) 

Merry Christmas wherever you are! I hope it's a stunner for you :-) 

Sima J


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