Monday, July 18, 2011

WOW a blog post .. I'm still alive!

Hey there!
It's been FAR too long between posts.
I have been busy, I have been uninspired - and to be honest, I just haven't been bothered to post.
ANYWAY - here I am finally blogging again so hopefully it will get the ball rolling and I will get back into the swing of things!
I HAVE been reading (some) of your posts 
(I was away for a week or so in aussie so I did miss some - 
and yes, I will blog about aussie soon!).
Thanks for not being slack and entertaining me - I'll try comment more!

Sooo what is SO exciting that I write a blog about it .. washing the car.  
Yes, how thrilling.  But hey, it's better than nothing right?  (or maybe it isn't .. hmm)
Well you can stop reading now if you don't want to find out about a miracle cleaning agent that gets rid of all those tar spots off your car!!

Ok so I live on a VERY muddy drive so it's kind of pointless washing the car, but it gets to that point where you can't even tell what colour it is anymore so you really have to do something about it!  Here is a shot of the car before it was washed properly .. but AFTER a hose down. 

Yes, that's right - AFTER a hose down and it STILL looks this bad!

So after carefully putting Master 2 1/2yr into bed so he wouldn't 'help' wash the car (always means it takes soooo much longer!) and then re-putting him to bed after he heard what we were doing and came to investigate (and very unhappily got put back into bed!), Master 8yr and I got cleaning.
Here is the finished product on one side:

Now you can see that it is actually a nice powder silver/blue - not a dull brownish-grey car!

Oh but wait there's more...
have you had the problem of having horrid tar flecks on your car before? 
I have in the past - but I never had as many as this time (and my last car was dark green so they were unnoticeable)
Well thank you to Google I found a cure ..



And how did I do it you may ask?  (or not ask, but I'm gonna tell you anyway!)
With this little beauty:

Good ol' WD-40 and a few cloths and some elbow grease.  
Yes, it did take a while but it DID work!  
It also left my car with that wax sheen that makes the water bead right off.
I wasn't really going for that but it can't be bad 
(plus all the google comments were that it was fine for use on your car!)
SO end product:

One nice shiny beast.  
I wonder how many minutes it will last.  
The hubster has taken it to town tonight so it will probably already have mud on it *sigh*  oh for a nice non-muddy drive!

Well I shall leave you there and hopefully will blog again soon!
(about aussie perhaps!)

Sima J


  1. awesome, it looks fab Simone!!! Mine so needs a wash... last time I cheated and took it through a car wash...
    and as for two year olds cleaning cars.. my darling son helped when he was two.... But I didnt see he was 'washing' the gravel in between and then 'washing' the car.... yeah, great big scratches!!! lol

  2. Looks AMAZING!!! I might be inspired to wash mine .... or not!

  3. I had no idea you could use WD40 on the car paint! My husband used to use it for cleaning grease off engines and driveways.


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